Monday, 2 May 2016

Hello and Welcome!

       It is I, Kate, Queen of the Sparkles. I welcome you to my thought dump, and I apologize to you if you are reading this.  Here I shall inform you a little bit about myself.

       I am currently three years older than my second youngest brother, Will, and ten years older than my youngest brother, John. My elder sister Abby (or Abbs) is sixteen months older than I am. My family is Roman Catholic, and has been since I was born. My church has a beautiful organ, but the music we choose for the choir is maybe not the greatest. I, unlike some, actually respect my Mom and Dad, and they are actually the people I am closest to in the world. I look up to my dad more than anyone else, because he knows so much about life and faith and BOOKS!

        And here we get to the books. I used to HATE READING. With a passion. It was after I left public school to be homeschooled by my loving mother that I lost all my friends, or who I thought were friends. I had one friend, named Alli (or Prince Ali Fabulous he Ali Ababua,) and I had my books. I started by reading the Pony Pal books, (if you don't know them, they look like this:
I started to read several of these a night when my childhood insomnia set in, and thus the reading began.

        My first introduction to fandoms was probably Percy Jackson, although it may also have been Doctor Who (both were around the same time.) Then came Merlin, Sherlock, Avatar the Last Airbender, Gilmore Girls, MARVEL, etc. Also included were The Hunger Games, Divergent, LORD OF THE RINGS (hyperventilates), Pride and Prejudice, The Sisters Grimm, The Lunar Chronicles, A Voice in the Wind,   Throne of Glass, etc. At this point, I'm sure all of you have given up on reading this, but if not, congrats on making it this far! You will be awarded with a sense of self accomplishment.

        I live in Canada, and I go to a school with a lot of green and a lot of great music. I love singing in the choirs, and in the classes, as well as with my private teacher, Julianne. I love musicals, though I haven't seen a whole lot of them. Those I have seen have been pretty well memorized.
     You might be subject to either rants about attractive men, or rants about people who make fun of Jesus (or God in general.) I AM HIS DAUGHTER AND YOU WILL NOT INSULT HIM, DO YOU HEAR ME?! Okay, I'm done. I'm sorry if my faith puts you out. I shall not change, though, so if you do not like it, you are welcome not to read my blogs.

And I think I'm pretty well done here, so I'll close it with this!


And "Goodbye, John."

And "I don't want to go!"

And "You were fantastic!"

And now I'm actually done. Thanks for reading, if you actually did!

-The Thoughtful Fish.

(Ps. this website is still under construction, and will have more content in the future!"